A Comprehensive Approach to Advocacy

In 2014, United Way of Buffalo & Erie County began increasing focus on advocacy efforts to complement our community investments and initiatives by ensuring that all residents of Buffalo and Erie County can share in the highest possible quality of life.

Initial organization efforts resulted in:

  • Establishing policies & procedures
  • Adopting an advocacy agenda
  • Identifying a measurement & evaluation framework
  • Convening a volunteer-led Advocacy Committee

Inspiring Positive Change

Our advocacy efforts are inspired by a desire to improve community well-being throughout Buffalo and Erie County. We work toward creating positive social change by focusing on:

  • Public policies & procedures related to community well-being
  • Ways in which resources are allocated by governments
  • Improving public awareness/understanding of critical issues

Taking Action

We put advocacy into action through a variety of activities, such as:

  • Organizing and participating in public meetings
  • Writing opinion pieces for local media
  • Writing and sending sign-on letters
  • Convening stakeholders
  • Making phone calls
  • Meeting elected officials
  • Writing policy analysis when requested