Paving the path for quality of life

Sixty community partner agencies work closely with United Way through the Erie/Niagara Birth to 8 Coalition to improve the well-being and education of Western New York (WNY) children, regardless of their life circumstances or individual challenge.

Key goals

  • Health — Help children grow intellectually, physically, socially & emotionally
  • Education — Help children prepare to enter school ready to learn & continue learning at appropriate levels through third grade
  • Environment — Help ensure that children are raised in safe & nurturing environments & communities with responsive adults

Strategic focus areas

#1: Community engagement

  • Create & implement a strategic plan to mobilize all relevant community sectors in improving the well-being of young children in WNY
  • Include early childhood care providers, pre-kindergarten centers, the medical community, school districts & educators, health & human service providers, philanthropic organizations, business/corporate leaders, colleges/universities, parent organizations, the media & visible community advocates

#2: Advocacy

  • Engage local, state & national resources & policies in supporting the coalition’s efforts.
  • Target critical issues & help drive related resources & policies at local, state & federal levels

#3: Data-Driven Decision-making

  • Consistently & systematically measure, evaluate & report progress toward goals & objectives
  • Create a data development agenda & data-sharing platform to provide accessible & actionable information
  • Create Community Report Cards with input from a comprehensive range of key stakeholders

#4: Sustainability

  • Implement well-planned & monitored evidence-based practices & system changes in order to sustain continued improvement
  • Support these practices with short- and long-term funding streams & in-kind support from key community stakeholders, government bodies, philanthropic groups & individuals
  • Engage the community & key stakeholders in sustaining threshold support levels


Partnerships & Subcommittees

  • Healthy Start, Healthy Future for All Coalition
  • Say Yes Birth to 3rd Grade Task Force
  • The Behavior Summit
  • Data development subcommittee
  • Family & community subcommittee
  • Education subcommittee