Gateway to Golf Sponsor Spotlight: Tess Wright Tobin

Gateway to Golf Sponsor Spotlight: Tess Wright Tobin Image

What inspired you to get into golf 

I was 10 years old when my best friend talked me into doing a junior golf clinic with her during one summer. 4 holes of golf and a couple hours of instruction once a week was enough to learn the fundamentals and instill an appreciation for why I play golf today: to have fun, celebrate memories, and enjoy the peace that comes with being out on the course.  


Do you think golf has helped you connect with people you wouldn’t have otherwise and how?  

The rules of golf are all about respect which is why I think the game offers such an inviting space to engage with others whether personally or in a professional setting. It also reveals a lot about one’s character because it is a game that is completely controlled by rules and played on a common ground.  


How do you think golf has improved your life, whether that be physically, mentally, or socially?  

Whether on or off the course, Golf has reinforced that I bring my best when I am focused on the present, calm, and trust myself.