Meet Jeff Slawson, United Way: Families April Ambassador

Meet Jeff Slawson, United Way: Families April Ambassador Image

Each month someone in our community takes up the mantle of United Way: Families to share the story of families who are struggling to get by. They are our United Way: Families Ambassadors. April's Ambassador is Jeff Slawson. Jeff grew up right here in Erie County. He's currently a reporter at WKBW and sees the highs and lows of our community each day. That's why he supports this new inititative.

We sat down with Jeff to learn more about what makes him tick, and why he's so passionate about giving back.

You were born and raised here in WNY and now your professional career has taken you back. What do you love most about our community?

The people. Always the people. The thing that makes Western New York so special is this sense of community that is built by everyone who lives here. I believe Buffalo is one of the most underrated cities in America, but once you spend a day, you realize just how amazing it is. 

Was there one specific news story you covered that made you realize people are struggling?

Unfortunately, it's difficult to pinpoint one story in particular because it happens more often than people realize. Anytime we are covering a raging fire in the news, or a family displaced by any sort of disaster, more often than not that family is struggling. Often times, families are just too proud to admit they have financial problems. 

What has inspired you to give back?

That sense of community makes me feel like I need to standup and help out. You see plenty of Buffalo athletes stepping up to make a difference and it made me think, why can't I do that? Why can't every single person in Western New York pitch in and help out. We owe this to the people who need our help. We are known as the City of Good Neighbors, so let's keep living up to that title. 

What do you want people to know about United Way: Families?

United Way: Families is something the effects all of us. It may not be you or your family who is struggling, but it would be the family down the street or your kids best friend, or their teacher. It can be ANYONE, and it is really our duty to pitch in and help those who need it. When people struggle, that has repercussions that can harm everyone. If we stick up for each other it can make Buffalo and Erie County and even better place to live. Who wouldn't want to work toward that?

















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