AAI of WNY: Meet Apprentice Stephen

AAI of WNY: Meet Apprentice Stephen Image

Stephen is a Veteran who chose apprenticeship because it provides a structured pathway to accelerate his career and offers job security.   “The jouneyworkers you get to work with are very knowledgeable and they help you further your career by teaching you the things you need to know.” 

Being in the military prepared Stephen for his apprenticeship in “lots of ways.”  “Leadership skills is number one, integrity, personal courage. Knowing what you want in your career and how to get it,  that’s a big thing. Working with my hands. I was a mechanic in the military it definitely prepared me for working well with my hands.”     

Stephen says he would absolutely like to see more Veterans in manufacturing apprenticeships. “Manufacturing jobs give you the satisfaction of creating something. It gives you a good starting pay if you have leadership skills. You don’t necessarily have to have a degree. Getting to manufacturing having leadership skills from the military does help.”  

Stephen hopes that his training in optical manufacturing will lead him to future work in research and development in telescopes and space exploration. 


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