United Way: Families - Meet The Taylor Family

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The Taylors are a working family of four living on Buffalo's east side. As a unit, they represent a typical ALICE (Asset- Limited, Income-Constrained, Employed) family.

Like other ALICE families, the Taylors struggle to make ends meet. Their combined annual income is under $56,000 a year—above the federal poverty limit but far short of sustainable for a family of four.


Mom and Dad - Tamara and Derek -  work hard to give their children a secure and happy upbringing, but their low wages coupled with the irregular hours their employers offer mean that their paychecks barely cover the bare necessities, let alone provide room for savings.


Making matters worse, they live in a price-gouged, leaky, drafty, energy inefficient rental. Every month, the Taylors spend 60 to 70 percent of their wages on rent and utilities. The damp conditions of the home also breed mold that aggravate Derek’s chronic asthma, forcing him to take non-paid sick days every few weeks.

Sometimes, the Taylors have to choose between paying the electricity bill and buying groceries. When Jordan and Isaiah go undernourished, which is often, they have difficulty paying attention in school.


United Way: Families is helping the Taylors gain financial stability by surrounding them with services that support their goals:

  • Access to a nutritious food pantry

  • Financial planning classes

  • Housing relocation assistance

And Tamara is participating in a training program that she hopes will lead to a better paying job.



To help struggling families like the Taylors meet their economic, social, and health requirements and overcome their circumstances, United Way: Families surrounds and supports them with an action network of community services. 


Together, we make an impact by empowering families. Learn how you can get involved here.