Why run a campaign?

There are many benefits to partnering with the United Way.


Build Your Team

You can share your support of the United Way with your employees.

  • Employees who can impact the community where they live while at work through volunteering, professional development opportunities, and donating report greater satisfaction.
  • Community involvement also helps attract, engage, and retain high-performing employees.
  • 79% of millennials and 69% of Generation Xers take a company's corporate social responsibility into consideration when deciding where to work

Build Your Business

You can show your customers you care about our community. 

  • Your support is acknowledged in United Way materials and online, giving you positive exposure for your efforts.
  • 93% of consumers are more loyal to companies that are socially responsible.
  • 55% of customers are willing to pay more for products from socially responsible companies.

Build Your Community

You share our passion for the place we call home.

  • Supporting the United Way of Buffalo & Erie County channels funds directly into the communities in which you work and live.
  • If your employees need services from any United Way's partner agencies, you and your company will benefit from the stronger, healthier community that we are supporting.