Inspiring families to adopt positive lifestyle choices

50 agencies work closely with United Way—in partnership with UBMD—through the Healthy Start, Healthy Future for All Coalition, which promotes healthy nutrition and active lifestyles from infancy to adulthood.

Our Focus & Programs

The coalition supports healthy nutrition and physical activity for infants, children, youth and their families, including:

  • Researching root causes for obesity & other public health issues
  • Identifying strategies to prevent health conditions & diseases related to poor nutrition & sedentary lifestyles.

Raising Awareness

We aim to increase awareness of healthy nutrition and physical activity through initiatives, such as:

  • The Maternal Infant Resource Guide—How to access prenatal, postnatal & pediatric care
  • Early childhood health messaging—Assists coalitions & agencies in promoting proper infant nutrition & healthy parent-child attachment
  • The Last Straw board game—Demonstrates how income, education, housing & access to services impacts health

Evidence-based Programming

We improve standards of care in physician offices, childcare centers and home-visiting programs by implementing evidence-based programs developed from extensive and proven research, such as:

  • Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound—A physician toolkit to assist in delivering evidence-based messages to parents in order to prevent childhood obesity
  • Healthy You x 2—A physician toolkit that sets the foundation for a lifetime of good health by promoting healthy pregnancies & healthy babies
  • Baby Cafes—Community supported drop-in centers providing free, skilled lactation care to new mothers