Designating Your General (Regular Buffalo) Campaign Pledge

Undesignated contributions and designations to our United Way through our General Campaign make the greatest impact in our communitybecause donations are directed to several local funded programs that address the most significant needs in the focus areas of Education, Health & Wellness, and Income.  Contributors may still wish to designate all or a portion of their gift to another organization.  Our United Way does not charge a fundraising fee, therefore, to help minimize the cost efforts on processing designations, we have compiled a convenient list as a courtesy service to our donors (see link below).  This list shows numerous currently registered Health and Human Service* 501(c)(3) charities in the local WNY area (code # is optional and specific to the United Way of Buffalo General Campaign).

2016 United Way of Buffalo & Erie County General Campaign List of Charitable Agencies:  Click here

* The following are some examples Health and Human Service categories
Abuse, Violence Family Counseling, Support, Well-being Life Skills (Communication, Literacy, etc.)
Aging, Elderly, Seniors Food and Nutrition Medical and Biomedical Research or Treatments
Basic Human Needs (Food/Water, Clothing, Shelter) Food Safety Mental, Psychological, Behavioral Health
Child Abuse, Advocacy, or Welfare Grief Counseling Occupational or Physical Therapy
Child Care, Development, or Education Health and Wellness (Human) Physical Disabilities
Community Action, Living, Outreach, Well-being Health Care: Access, Cost, Quality, Resources, Safety Rehabilitation or Transitional Services
Criminal Case Management Home Health or Adult Day Care Residential Counseling or Management
Crisis & Emergency Intervention, Management, Services Housing and Emergency Shelter Social Service, Social Work, Social Well-being
Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities Income (Economic Well-Being, Financial Stability) Substance Abuse (Drug and/or Alcohol)
Disease: Control, Diagnosis, Prevention, or Treatment Job and Employment Services Therapeutic Assistance
Drug or Medical Safety Juvenile Offender Services Youth and Adolescent Services
Education (Schools, Schooling, Systematic instruction)



NYS Employees SEFA - State Employees Federated Appeal and CFC - Combined Federal Campaign (for Federal Government Employees) agency name, number, and annual eligibility are NOT interrelated or interchangeable to any content on this page or agency list, as application requirements, acceptance, and policies are entirely separate from the General Campaign.  Both SEFA and CFC prohibit designating to an organization not currently shown on their directory lists.  Please see those campaign directories for agency, number selection, and information.

The above mentioned list of charitable agencies, a service to our donors, is discretionary and subject to change without notice.  Organizations in the Donor Choice Program must provide a direct public Health or Human Service* (see category examples), and be currently eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and located in the Continental United States.  If a charity is not already (pre)registered and approved to receive designations with this United Way, additional processing time may be required and agency is subject to eligibility and individual response.  PLEASE NOTE:  TOTAL CHARITY DESIGNATIONS OF LESS THAN $100 will have a delay in payment, due to our standard bi-monthly check amount of $100.00.

Charities that receive contributions through United Way donor designations do NOT issue tax receipts.  For information regarding tax deductions and your United Way contribution, please contact your tax preparer.  Helpful IRS information could include:  IRS Publication 526 or IRS Publication 1771

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