In 2018, over 103,000 of Erie County’s 390,000 households were ALICE or Asset Limited, Income Constrained & Employed.  ALICE households have an income above the federal poverty level but are still struggling to afford basic household necessities. This is in addition to the 52,000 households living in poverty in Erie County. 

Through the ALICE Experience, participants experience the challenges ALICE households face and the struggle to make tough decisions for their families and living situations.

This virtual simulation brings groups of up to 90 participants together to experience the tough decisions Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed families make daily, bringing to light the realities faced by people who live in financial hardship and the ripple effect this has on our community.

The ALICE Experience is a powerful engagement tool that will challenge your understanding of financial hardship and reveal important insights about the often invisible need in our community.











Groups of up to five people are assigned a family profile and must build a budget within the limitations of their assigned family. The virtual ALICE Experience lasts approximately 60-90 minutes pending audience.

Use the form below to request an ALICE Experience simulation or contact Heather Quigley at heather.quigley [at]