United in the face of crisis. 


For families living paycheck-to-paycheck, stocking up on food and supplies before a storm is not necessarily simple. High rent, rising food costs, lack of access to transportation – these are real systemic challenges that up to 40% of community members face every day. 

These families make tough choices. And even the smallest hiccup or surprise expense can have big consequences. Never is this more clear than in moments of community crisis.

At United Way, we work every day to close the health, education and financial divides that threaten the wellbeing of our community. Breaking a cycle of hardship to build a strong, equitable Erie County. One that is resilient in times of emergency – and beyond.

In the wake of the Buffalo Blizzard of 2022, United Way activated our resources and networks for both immediate and long-term response by creating the Community Resilience Fund. Through the United Way Community Resilience Fund, we invite community members to be part of this ongoing effort to provide support and build lasting financial security for families in our region. 

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