United Way WNY Girls in Sports


Western New York Girls in Sport (WNY GIS) was founded by Mary Wilson, wife of Buffalo Bills Owner Ralph Wilson Jr., in 2006, with the goal of enriching young girl's lives through involvement in sports. Mrs. Wilson's personal passion for sports was the impetus for creating WNY GIS and developing its focus on teaching young girls and women the life lessons that sports offer. By launching WNY GIS Mrs. Wilson shares her passion for sports with the girls, helping them learn core qualities such as discipline, sportsmanship and working as a team.

The WNY GIS program invites 250 Buffalo Public School girls ages 9-12 to attend an afternoon of sports in both October and April of each year. The biennial events are structured to expose the girls to sports by having the participants rotate in stations around the athletics facility playing a wide range of activities from soccer, golf, track, volleyball, rowing, and tennis, to basketball, agility exercises, Double Dutch and Zumba.  





  • Promote sports and fitness among girls
  • Make Girls in Sports programming available on a regular, year-round basis
  • Deliver consistent messages and activities that will lead to healthy choices and development of essential life skills 
  • Create access and pathways for girls from underserved neighborhoods to participate in sports programs at the local, high school, and collegiate level.