Living united: buffalo & erie county

Our Founder Ansley Wilcox

Since UWBEC’s first campaign in 1917, it has always been a product of community effort; however, we credit Ansley Wilcox as our “founder.” Now here’s a piece of trivia for you: Which president was close friends with Ansley and was sworn into office at the Wilcox Mansion on September 14, 1901?

Celebrating Labor over the Years

2017 marks the 75th anniversary of our partnership with labor organizations. Check out our blog for some throwback photos and some highlights from over the years!

All About Tocqueville

Today is Alexis de Tocqueville’s 212th birthday! Read our special blog post for a little history behind our Tocqueville Society!

Memory Lane: The 1996 Olympic Torch Run

Do you remember the 1996 Olympic Torch Run? Did you come out to see the Olympic flame passed through your town? Were you a “torchbearer” yourself? Tell us what you remember! Or take a run down memory lane in our most recent blog post…

A Poet’s Donation

In the spirit of National Poetry Month, we’d like to share something we found in our historical archives. In 1919, a Buffalo poet donated a poem for us to use during campaign time.

An Old Tradition: Miss United Way

Did you know that United Way used to host “Miss United Way” competitions in the 70s? Check out our blog for some blast-from-the-past pictures!

Alice Williams Paved the Way

Happy Women’s History Month! Our first full-time Executive Director was a woman. Alice Williams was hired in 1921 and served UWBEC for over 28 years! Read more about Alice and her role in the United Way on our blog!

How the Family Justice Center Began

February is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. In honor, we would like to highlight an agency that addresses domestic violence within our community. See today’s blog post for a history highlight of the Family Justice Center.

The Changing Names of United Way

Here’s a challenge for you! Over the past 100 years, our organization has operated under different names. Can you name all five of our titles?