United Way 21-day Racial Equity Challenge

day 16: Equity and the lgbtqi+ community

Imagine not feeling accepted at home, in your community or at school because of your gender identity or sexual orientation. Like race and socioeconomic status, inequities for people identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBTQI+) can be seen across many dimensions, including healthcare, education, and in the workplace. Research from the American Progress Institute shows that LGBTQI+ individuals experience widespread discrimination, often manifesting itself as getting passed over for promotions, being bullied in schools, being refused healthcare, or being denied equal treatment at a store or hotel. 

The intersectionality of race and sexual orientation and gender identity also has compounding effects on individuals’ well-being: Black transgender and gender non-conforming individuals experience some of the highest levels of discrimination and threats on their personal safety.  

As you explore today’s Challenge activities we encourage you to think and act on ways you can support our LGBTQI+ neighbors in WNY.


  1. Watch “Why Respecting Pronouns Is So Important.” (3 minutes) Bonus: Add your personal pronouns to your email signature to show your advocacy for LGBTQI+ individuals.
  2. Watch Ted Talk “Effective Allyship: A Transgender Take on Intersectionality” by Ashlee Marie Preston, whom gives her perspective as a Black transgender woman. (15 minutes)
  3. Explore resources the Pride Center of WNY offers LGBTQI+ People of Color and see what you can do to support their efforts.


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