the western New York 21-Day Equity Challenge

Day 2: Exploring bias

Today we're starting by looking inside because we know that is where change starts. Knowing more about ourselves makes it possible to learn, grow, explore, and act. 

What does race mean to you? More specifically, what does YOUR race mean to you? While many people are intimately aware of their racial identity, others may still be learning about what racial identity means for themselves and their perceived place in society. 

When we know more about ourselves, we can be more aware of others and open to their experiences. Learning about our own implicit biases--the positive and negative attitudes, stereotypes, and feelings we have about people and groups that are different than ourselves--is an important part of this Challenge. 

Often the biases that we hold, even those that are unconscious, may cause us to act in ways that are offensive and discriminatory to others. Exploring our won implicit bias is key to moving toward equity. 


  1. Read "Race and Racial Identity Are Social Constructs" by Angela Onwuachi-Willig. (3 minutes)
  2. Watch "We All Have Bias" with John A. Powell (1 minute)
  3. Take the Project Implicit Bias Test from Harvard University [select Race IAT after agreeing to terms]. (10 minutes)


DAY 3: The Meaning of Privilege


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