The Western New York 21 Day Equity Challenge

Pre-challenge: What to expect


GETTING STARTED: Welcome to the 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge. Thank you for making the time to connect, reflect, and participate in the Challenge to develop a deeper understanding of how inequity and racism affect our lives and our community. 

WHY A RACIAL EQUITY CHALLENGE? This challenge is an opportunity to increase our understanding and education around racial equity. The Challenge will provide demonstrated tools and resources to learn and take action to support a more racially just workplace and community. When change starts within enough of us, together, we can make progress toward becoming an equitable community - for all. 

WHAT TO EXPECT: Below you will find 21 links to the different "days" of this challenge to help you explore, develop deeper interpersonal understandings, build a stronger awareness of current systems, and be offered opportunities to take action. The Challenge is free to participate in and open to anyone. How you navigate the challenge is up to you. Feel free to take a look at a different page each day for 21 days, go through the pages all at once, or go through a couple of pages and come back when you have more time. 

There are many ways to embrace and interact with the challenge, including:

  • LEARN - Read, watch, or listen to the content that is on each page.
  • REFLECT - Think about the questions that are offered for self-reflection.
  • CONNECT - Talk with y our colleagues, family, and friends about what you are experiencing. 
  • TAKE ACTION - Join the many events and opportunities to contribute to equity and racial justice in our community. 
  • SHARE - Share the 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge badge on your social media to invite others to join. The badge and a downloadable version of the content covered in the 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge can be found on the Day 21 page. 

We recognize information shared during the Challenge may be emotional and intellectually challenging to engage with, especially for people who have experienced racism and oppression. We understand and encourage you to take a break from the Challenge, whenever you may need and return when you are ready. 

CHALLENGE PRE-SURVEY: We would appreciate your input so we can build a 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge experience that is supportive and beneficial for the entire community. We ask that you take two to three minutes to complete a brief survey before beginning the challenge. Your answers will remain anonymous and confidential. 


Day 1: Race and Equity

Day 2: Exploring Bias

Day 3: The Meaning Of Privilege

Day 4: Talking About Race

Day 5: Levels of Racism

Day 6: Trauma to Healing

Day 7: White Fragility

Day 8: Opportunity and Segregation in Western New York

Day 9: Housing Inequity

Day 10: The Racial Wealth Gap

Day 11: How Race Affects Your Health

Day 12: Racial Disparities in Birth Outcomes

Day 13: Early Childhood

Day 14: Education and School-Aged Children

Day 15: Immigrants and Refugees

Day 16: Equity and The LGBTQI+ Community

Day 17: Building a Race Equity Culture

Day 18: Being an Ally

Day 19: Tools for the Racial Equity Change Process

Day 20: Final Reflections

Day 21: Take Action in WNY


DAY 1: Race & Equity


Are you leading the Challenge at your workplace or looking for more information? Visit the Equity Toolkit for articles to support conversations on race and equity, a sample email for your colleagues, a Challenge FAQ and more.