Gateway to Golf Sponsor Spotlight: Kristen Nebral

Gateway to Golf Sponsor Spotlight: Kristen Nebral Image

Why are you proud to be a Women United member? 

My mom was a single mom of 5. Women United helps women in need in our community, helping them make a better life for them and their families.

What is your favorite thing about golf?  

Golfing builds so much camaraderie with other women. Such a wide range…. retirees, single moms and working professionals. It gives me the opportunity to be around more diverse people for a common reason. You learn about people’s paths through life and I’ve grown through my new friendships.

How do you think golf has improved your life, whether that be physically, mentally, or socially? 

Golf is relatable to every situation, professionally and personally. It teaches you to be mentally strong because you will always have a “bad shot” in a round or hole, and you have to compose yourself to move past it, while learning from it without impacting your next hole. This relates to personal and professional struggles. You can’t let it mentally get you down!

What's some advice you'd give someone looking to get into golf?  

My advice is to put yourself out there and just try. You’ll never get better if you don’t take the chance! If you never work on your weaknesses or things that are challenging, you’ll never improve upon them.

What are some ways you've encouraged fellow women in your life to join you in playing golf so it is a more enjoyable experience? 

There are such high expectations with golfers that you have to score well. The way I get others, and even my children, to feel comfortable is to not force them to follow all the rules at first.  Your first round does not have to be the Club Championship!  It’s ok to pick up your ball sometimes. Keep playing until you feel mentally capable of handling a bad shot. Just play a few holes, get comfortable and work your way slowly into it.  This helps people get comfortable more quickly.