Born Learning Trails

At United Way, we know that children aren't entering school with the skills needed to succeed. That's why we support initiatives like Born Learning Trails.

Born Learning Trails give parents and their children opportunities to engage in fun, physical learning activities in any outdoor or indoor setting: trails, parks, school yards, museums, libraries. The interactive trail contains signs with instructions for simple games that prompt any adult into turning an everyday moment into a learning opportunity. 

Prompts include:

  • Think of words or names that start with A, B, or C.
  • Tell stories about yourself or your family. Begin with, "When I was little..."
  • Pretend to move like an animal. Walk like a duck or hop like a frog.

Current Trail Locations

Buffalo Harbor State Park

111 Fuhrmann Boulevard

Buffalo, NY 14203

Westside Community Services

161 Vermont Street

Buffalo, NY 14203


Future Trail Locations

Canalside Explore & More

44 Prime St, 
Buffalo, NY 14202

King Urban Life Center

938 Genesee St.
Buffalo, NY 14211

Lackawanna Senior Center

230 Martin Rd, 
Lackawanna, NY 14218