United Way and OrganIzed labor: a longtime partnership

A picture of United Ways first partnership with Union Labors. This picture dates back to WWII and these men were the first Labor Union United Way partnered with.


United Way and organized labor first came together right after World War II, as an innovative way to rebuild our nation, our communities, and our people. We looked different back then, but our shared passion for building a better community was evident from the start. 

Currently, United Way of Buffalo & Erie County partners with 200+ labor unions throughout WNY with the common goal of making our community the best place to live for everyone.


Click the images below to access the AFL-CIO Survival Guide to Unemployment


When the Paycheck Stops. An AFL-CIO Survival Guide to Unemployment.   Cuando, El Sueldo, No Illega. Una guia supervivencia de AFL-CIO en caso desempleo.

A quote from Tom O'Shei, United Steelworkers 135 president. He says " As Labor Unions, we not only strive to lift up our membership but the entire community in which we live. United Way drives similar initiatives needed to achieve a better way of life for our members and the community."