Gateway to Golf Spotlight: Jeannie Parent, The Buffalo News

Gateway to Golf Spotlight: Jeannie Parent, The Buffalo News Image

Why are you proud to be a Women United member? 


I am proud of the work Women United does in this community. Through a vast array of programs we manage to reach women in all stages of life. Most importantly, we are reaching out to younger girls to ensure that they get a good start to become independent and confident women. 


Additionally, I have met some incredible women who are relentless in their contributions to the community and share our vision!


What inspired you to get into golf?


My father inspired me at an early age to golf. He was always my biggest supporter and encouraged me to shine. I love golf and continue to share that with my daughters and my granddaughters. 


What opportunities do you believe golf opens the doors to, especially for women?


The sport of golf is a great way to connect with a client, or make new contacts that can lead to opportunities in business and life. Spending time on the golf course allows for good conversations, and long lasting connections both on and off the course. You don’t have to be a great golfer to participate in tournaments, and charity events. I have met some great people on the golf course, and on what I like to call "the 19th hole."


How can we, as women, get girls involved in an earlier age to inspire networking and camaraderie?


Eliminate as many barriers as possible to participate. There are several organizations in Buffalo and nationally that support golf for women. “Girls Golf” and LPGA group, and “First Tee” both have local chapters that encourage young girls to participate. Find ways to get involved, donate old clubs, and most of all, invite women to participate with you. You don’t have to be great to have fun and make new connections on the golf course. 


Want to join Jeannie and The Buffalo News on the golf course on September 12th?