Get To Know Steve Finch

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What does Black History Month mean to you? 

It means that this whole nation takes a pause for a month to reflect on the many contributions and sacrifices that African Americans have made to this country. Every human being has value and deserves to be recognized, no, celebrated for that value and February is a chance to highlight those made by men and women of color. Black History month is a time for reflection on how far we’ve come, a time to celebrate who we have become, and a time to realize that we still have so far to go. But it can also be a time to rewrite some of the history books that left out our story, that missed some of our accomplishments, and misrepresented the true nature of how much we had to overcome to be here.

What moments in Black history are meaningful to you? 

Black History should just be history. No moment stands out more or less than any other to me because it all works together to make things the way they are today. The things our forefathers went through were often not pleasant, but I’m grateful for their perseverance to enable our present day freedoms and opportunities.

How do you think having Black leaders and staff members impact an organization’s success? 

Diversity is an important/critical component of organizational success. The presence of black leaders enables the company to see things from a different perspective that would not be possible if there wasn’t a seat at the table. Insight gained from having black leaders present and listened to, provides a broader perspective when formulating policies and procedures. Organizations often rely on a diverse clientele to purchase and use their products, so it is important to know how the product or service may be used by the community.


What does the word equity mean to you?

Equity to me means the availability of opportunity. It is not equality, because that is an extreme and lofty goal. Equity however is allowing individuals access to the same resources so that they can achieve equivalent results.