AAI of WNY: Meet Apprentices Niayah & Carolyn

AAI of WNY: Meet Apprentices Niayah & Carolyn Image

Niayah started school for computer repair but found it “the same everyday” and wanted something different that still involved precision work.  Carolyn began at college in jewelry-making, but found it mundane and knew she wanted to work with her hands. Both found a good match for themselves as Moldmaker apprentices at Romold

Niayah enjoys her apprenticeship because she has “built-in mentors” and each day is different. She gets to work on projects from a few days to a few months and she is rotating throughout Romold to learn every machine and detail.  Carolyn enjoys learning from different mentors and feels “comfortable asking anyone for help because they all know we are learning as they once did.”

Carolyn would like to see more women and young girls seek out an apprenticeship in advanced manufacturing because there are “others out there who would like this, too.” Niayah says, “manufacturing isn’t all dirty!” She thinks that more women should consider looking into apprenticeship because it is a “career that is already there for you to succeed.”

Carolyn and Niayah are both proud of what they do and the managers at Romold are also very proud of these apprentices!

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