Welcome and Thank You


Thank you for joining us in the Prosperi-Key digital platform pilot. We appreciate your commitment to the community and especially your willingness to connect your business services to working, low-income households in Buffalo & Erie County. With up to 40% of households living paycheck-to-paycheck in Erie County, we expect your partnership with us will expand your customer base and bring your products and services to those who need them most. Do well while doing good!


Prosperi-Key Resources

As a partner in Prosperi-Key, we want to make it easy for you to publicize your participation in the initiative and offer services of the platform to your employees and other stakeholders where you have a business relationship. You play an important role in the successful recruitment of subscribers – your future loyal customers. Our online partner toolkit contains a variety of resources to help you spread the word.


Here are a few ways you can help Prosperi-Key succeed:


  • Post Prosperi-Key flyers throughout your establishment
  • Proudly display your Prosperi-Key decal on a public facing window or door
  • Spread the word with a social media post on your business facebook page, Instagram and/or twitter
  • Send an email to people you know who can benefit from signing onto the program or other businesses who would help round out the services available on the platform.

Downloadable flyer


Proud Partner Decal

Sample Social Media Posts (link will take you to Google Drive)




Sample emails for customers and staff (downloadable PDFs)




When a customer is claiming an offer, ask the customer to log into the Prosperi-Key app on their phone and show the offer to your staff. There may be instances where a customer prints the offer, if they do not have access to a phone or internet.


Think about refreshing your offer periodically throughout the year. We recommend making a change every month or minimally on a quarterly basis. Updating your offer will not only attract new customers but promote return customers and long-term loyalty.