1. Where are you currently employed? What is your job title or field?  

I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of the M&T Bank / Wilmington Trust family for the past 7 years, which is where my relationship and love for United Way first started. Currently, I’m focused on business optimization efforts within the Wilmington Trust Wealth Management division. What does that mean I actually do? Good question ? My teams’ goal is to find ways to put our clients needs and goals first in how we do business – whether that’s creating efficiencies in the processes that impact how they work with their advisor, investing in technology that provides a more robust digital platform, or selecting partners to align with to deliver a better overall experience, I’m working to find those opportunities for Wilmington to invest in.


2. What motivated you to become a Next Generation United member? 

I was introduced to the work of United Way through the Bank’s United Way Campaign. While I was amazed at the commitment of companies to fundraise for United Way through their employee giving campaigns, I was left feeling like “my generation” wasn’t as engaged as we could be.  Enter, NGU…! My passion for United Way, aligned with the desire to leave no community member behind, allowed me to help build a giving community within UWBEC that focused on engaging the next generation of philanthropic leaders.


3. Favorite community organization supported by United Way? 

 I hold a special place in my heart for the Family Justice Center of Erie County. The first agency visit I went on with United Way was to the Family Justice Center in Orchard Park. Engaging in a conversation on domestic violence is heartbreaking and maddening but having to live it is something I can’t fathom enduring. So, the work of Mary Murphy and her team of experts, and how they do it by creating a safe space for victims AND their children, gives hope to so many that unhealthy relationships don’t have a home in our communities.


4. Quote to live by? 

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” — Gandhi. While I’ve strived to live my life with this mentality, I’ve found that these words are perhaps most relevant in the world we live in today.


5. Best place to visit in WNY? 

There’s too many! If I had to call out a few, as a runner I’m a sucker for Hoyt Lake (in truly all seasons), Delaware Park, Lincoln Parkway, and the Outer Harbor. These are my favorite places to see Buffalo architecture, the seasons change and a dang good sunset.


6. Buffalo guilty pleasure?

 Enjoying summer nights with a twist on sugar cone with rainbow sprinkles from Anderson’s ?


7. Coffee - or cocktail - order? 

I hardly ever stray from my go-to orders for a cup of coffee or cold cocktail. I have a strong love for bubbly, so a glass of Prosecco on any patio in Buffalo is my choice cocktail. And for coffee, in all seasons, I start my mornings (and sometimes afternoons) with iced coffee, slightly sweetened and splash of almond or soy milk! If anything, I’m predictable!