NGU Spotlight: Get to Know Your NGU Co-Chair, Nick

NGU Spotlight: Get to Know Your NGU Co-Chair, Nick Image


1. Name?

Nicholas Kaczmarek, NGU Co-Chair

2. Where are you currently employed?

I am the creative manager at Overwinter Coffee. I get to combine my love of coffee with my passion design every day! I couldn't be more excited (and caffeinated).

3. What motivated you to become a Next Generation United member? 

I worked for a nonprofit, Jericho Road Community Health Center, and ever since that experience I have been very passionate about being involved in the Buffalo community and doing my part to serve and make an impact to organizations that do the same. When I found out about NGU and saw they were doing exactly that — and for my age group — it was a no-brainer to join. How could I not?!

4. Favorite community organization supported by United Way? Why?

Guess I gave it away in the previous question ... Jericho Road Community Health Center! I actually started my design (and Buffalo) career there. I got to experience this organization's fantastic mission on a daily basis. Their desire to love and serve some of Buffalo's most marginalized groups is both inspiring and impactful. It gave me the passion to serve and be involved that I mentioned earlier. We are the City of Good Neighbors and the folks at Jericho Road quite literally define that term in all they do.

5. Quote to live by?

A few come to mind:

  • “It’s a good day, to have a good day.” - myself? Haha, I don't know, someone more important probably said it too
  • “Boredom is the biggest disease in the world, darling” - Freddie Mercury 
  • “It’s about the people you’re designing for and how your work just might help them live better lives.” - Margaret Gould Steward

... But for "live by"? Hmmm, I'd have to say the middle one probably!

6. Best place to visit in WNY? 

Oh man, this is not easy to decide. One thing I ALWAYS do with anyone who hasn't before is to climb to the top of city hall. That view is ridiculous!

7. Buffalo guilty pleasure?

There are gonna be a lot of haters for this but...driving on the Skyway into the city.

Hot take, I like the Skyway; it gives the BEST view of our city! Plus, I think there's a better solution than "tear it down." Also, Mayer Bros. Cider Slushie and Donuts. It's the perfect basic fall day...don't forget the Buffalo plaid flannel too.

8. Coffee - or cocktail - order?

For coffee, I really just love GOOD black coffee, like the real stuff. But also, during the fall there's nothing more delightful than a London Fog with Lavender added to it. When it comes to cocktails I am a tequila guy, whatever tequila (or mezcal) cocktail I can find on a menu is going to be what I order. Hotel Henry used to have my favorite, The Perfect Mistake. It was tequila, gin, green chartreuse, poblano liquor, and lime. (If I can remember the recipe, did I have them too often?)