What we each do to create change doesn't have to be big or amplified. Because one action united with another multiplies. And that's how a single moment creates a world where everyone thrives.



This year, so many people United to take action and multiply their impact in our community. Together we are solving some of the most critical problems our community is facing. 


In the past year, generous partners like you have helped:


  • Respond to over 90,000 calls and texts to 211WNY
  • 14,620 people access fresh produce
  • 437 moms access prenatal care
  • Enroll 24,913 children in high-quality early learning programs
  • Support 1,419 parents to increase their knowledge & skills
  • Provide job readiness training to 7,715 individuals
  • 1,497 people improve their credit score
  • Prepare 3,787 tax returns for free



There’s still time to do more.


COVID’s impact on our lives and livelihoods will take years to overcome. Our neighbors, especially ones most impacted by structural inequities and COVID-19, still need help. 


To address these challenges, our community needs solutions that go beyond responding to immediate needs. Generous people like you can ensure United Way of Buffalo & Erie County can keep providing that kind of help to every person in our community. Together we can help people recover, reimagine more equitable communities and rebuild resilient communities.


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