What is Registered Apprenticeship?

Registered Apprenticeship programs assume the basic apprenticeship model of paid on-the-job training and classroom instruction and provide additional rigor, standards, and quality set by the New York State Department of Labor. These standards are recognized by the United States Department of Labor making them nationally recognized programs.













What is Pre Apprenticeship?

Pre-Apprenticeship programs are designed to prepare individuals to enter employment with companies that have Registered Apprenticeship programs. These programs work to provide individuals new to an industry, the tools and skills to move along a career pathway that leads to a Registered Apprenticeship program. A quality pre-apprenticeship contains the following core components as outlined by the United States Department of Labor:

  • Approved training and curriculum
  • Access to support services
  • Meaningful hands-on training
  • Partnership with one or more Registered Apprenticeship sponsors
  • Industry-recognized credential

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