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United Way issues a weekly newsletter geared towards nonprofit organizations and employees. This newsletter is intended to be a resource primarily for Western New York nonprofit organizations looking to share information and/or job openings. If you have technical problems or questions, please email [email protected]


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Newsletter Guidelines

On January 5, UWBEC announced updated guidelines that will go into effect starting with the February 5th edition of the newsletter. You can download a copy of these guidelines here

Every day, in times of crisis and beyond, thousands of people rely on nonprofit organizations and these organizations depend on a robust, capable and compassionate workforce. United Way of Buffalo & Erie County (UWBEC) provides this nonprofit newsletter as a valuable resource for the Western New York nonprofit community.

To ensure the continued relevance of this newsletter for the local nonprofit sector, UWBEC has conducted user experience surveys with newsletter recipients. This information, combined with qualitative and quantitative data about the health of the nonprofit sector in our community, guides our efforts to create a more responsive newsletter with actionable information.

Consequently, UWBEC has developed a new format for the weekly nonprofit newsletter and established guidelines for those submitting items for inclusion. The primary audiences identified as regular users of the newsletter content are:

  1. Nonprofit Job Seekers/Aspiring Nonprofit Professionals
  2. Nonprofit Grant Seekers
  3. Nonprofit Executives

The Nonprofit Newsletter will comprise four components, with detailed descriptions for each as follows:

  1. Professional Development Opportunities for Nonprofits
  2. Nonprofit Grant Opportunities
  3. Community Resources
  4. Nonprofit Job Openings

Organizations wishing to share opportunities or job openings in the newsletter may submit them by filling out the form provided here. Please note that the newsletter does not endorse any specific announcement or organization.

Overall guidelines for the updated format are as follows:

  • Content must be submitted by 1:00 p.m. the Friday prior for consideration.
  • All content must be shared as a web page; only PDFs will be accepted if a web page is not feasible.
  • Content included will consist of the organization name, date and title only; additional information must be submitted as a web page or PDF.
  • Only postings submitted via the provided form will be considered for inclusion. For submission issues, email [email protected] with the subject: NFPRC Newsletter Issue.
  • Content will be shared for a maximum of four (4) weeks or until the event date or application deadline passes. UWBEC does not distribute fundraising information or content endorsing political candidates, parties, organizations, or policies.

Professional Development:

This section is dedicated to providing nonprofit professionals and executives with professional development opportunities that may benefit them or their staff. These opportunities do not have to be free and can follow a fee-for-service model. While not all trainings exclusively cater to the nonprofit sector, they must have broad business appeal.

Additional guidelines for the Professional Development section:

  • Priority is given to nonprofit organizations hosting opportunities, but for-profit organizations and foundations are welcome to submit if benefiting nonprofits.
  • Priority is given to opportunities hosted in Western New York; virtual training is accepted if applicable.
  • Clearly outline the purpose in the title; avoid blanket ‘coaching’ opportunities.
  • Examples include individual trainings on business and social topics, training series and conferences.

Grant Opportunities:

This section is dedicated to providing nonprofit grant seekers with new local grant opportunities.

Additional guidelines for the Grant Opportunities section:

  • Opportunities must be open to nonprofit organizations in Erie County.
  • Applications must either indicate an application deadline or accept rolling applications.

Community Resources:

This section is dedicated to providing direct services to nonprofit professionals with emergency, short-term, and long-term community resources that are broadly beneficial to their client base. 

Additional guidelines for the Community Resources section:

  • Must have broad appeal to nonprofit professionals or clients of direct service organizations.
  • Focus on emergency support, one-time support for disadvantaged populations, short-term, or long-term direct support.
  • Examples include community forums on accessing HEAP or SNAP, free tax preparation and emergency shelter locations.

Job Openings:

This section is dedicated to assisting nonprofit professionals, job seekers and aspiring nonprofit professionals with their job search.

Additional guidelines for the Job Openings section:

  • Only job openings at nonprofit organizations in Western New York will be shared.
  • Preferably submitted as a web link; PDF accepted if the website doesn't support job postings.
  • Links must direct to the organization’s website or an exclusive staffing company’s website.
  • No links to general job search sites; organizations with more than two (2) openings should provide a link or one PDF with all postings.
  • Full job descriptions must adhere to local, state and federal laws.
  • Postings remain active for four (4) weeks or until notified of the vacancy being filled. Notify by sending an email to [email protected].

UWBEC reserves the right to update guidelines at any time and the right to refuse content publication as deemed appropriate. This newsletter is not an endorsement of any particular announcement or organization.